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43° Parallelo

About Us

The origins

Our company was founded in 1993 on Lake Garda with the aim of combining Dario‘s passion for sailing with Maria Grazia’s interest in the tourism sector: a bet that began with small sailing boats and dinghies with which to start the rental and sailing school business.

Since 2000 we began collaboration with Jeanneau by adding new boats to the fleet to be rented.

We were among the first in Italy to carry out intermediation for rental in all destinations both nationally and abroad, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

The sailing charter

After having managed the rental of cabin cruisers on Lake Garda from 1993 to 2007, establishing the first collaborative relationships with foreign agencies, the turning point came in 2001, when we grew with the transfer from the lake to the sea of Tuscany, in the splendid and strategic location of Marina di Scarlino.

In 2003 we inaugurated our adventure with the first two units, available for rent, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43 and Sun Odyssey 35, the core of an increasingly wider range.

In 2009-2010 we opened a second seaside base in Sardinia in Cannigione, which was then re-merged into a single central headquarters.

Since 2011, with the opening of the Marina di Scarlino commercial gallery, we moved the office from Lake Garda and merged the fleet, creating a single hub for the rental and management of our activities.

We have been one of the reference charter companies for continuous updates, research and attention to sustainability like in the case of the innovative installation of inverters (solar panels) on board. A further focus on the comfort of our boats has led us to embrace increasingly advanced and accurate solutions.

At the end of the 2023 season after many years of work and success, with a bit of a bitter taste in our mouths, we decided to end our adventure, which lasted about 30 years, in sailing charter; Times change, and we feel we want to change with them.

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The sale

After in 2000 we became Jeanneau dealers for Lake Garda, the shipyard on the other hand recognized such concrete success that it expanded our exclusive area. However, our expertise is not limited to sales: this is demonstrated by the after-sales assistance and maintenance services or in the event of boat transfers.

Once in Tuscany, we consolidated our relationship with Jeanneau. It was our first supplier of boats both in Garda and at sea, and the only brand present in the charter fleet until the end of the rental service in 2023.

Excess Catamarans, a new brand part of the same group, subsequently chose 43° Parallelo as its official dealer, to our great pride and satisfaction.

In 2017, the first in Italy, we inaugurated the first Sea Trials which continue with enormous success year after year.

Areas of expertise

Jeanneau (sailing): Tuscany, Eastern Liguria (up to Savona excluded), Lombardy and Sardinia.

Excess Catamarans: Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Marche.

Our most important stages

Historic headquarters of 43° Parallelo on Lake Garda
1993 - Foundation
Birth of 43° Parallelo on Lake Garda with small sailing boats and dinghies for rental and sailing school activities.
Historic headquarters of 43° Parallelo on Lake Garda
2000 - Start of collaboration with Jeanneau
After having gained experience in the sale and rental of boats, the collaboration with Jeanneau was born for the inclusion of new boats in the fleet and expansion of the exclusive area.
ex Etrusca Marina / today Marina di Scarlino
2001 - Expansion in Tuscany
Moving the activity from the lake to the sea, with the opening of a base in Tuscany at the Marina di Scarlino (at the time Etrusca Marina).
ex Etrusca Marina / today Marina di Scarlino
Cannigione base
2009 - New detachment in Sardinia
Opening of a second marine base in Sardinia in Cannigione
Cannigione base
Gallery of Marina di Scarlino
2011 - Fleet merger
Transfer of the office from the headquarters on Lake Garda to the Galleria della Marina di Scarlino and merger of the fleet.
Gallery of Marina di Scarlino
Gruppo 43° Parallelo
2023 - Creation of "Gruppo 43° Parallelo"
Creation of "Gruppo 43° Parallelo" to offer a widespread assistance service to customers.
Gruppo 43° Parallelo
2024 - Smart Boat Owner
End of the charter service and launch of the new innovative and smart service for purchasing boats shared between multiple owners, thus dividing the purchase and management costs.

Our awards from Jeanneau


Dealer of the year


Dealer of the year - Italia


Dealer of the year - Italia


Dealer of the year - Italia


Dealer of the year - Italia

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Today: Gruppo 43° Parallelo

In 2023, Gruppo 43° Parallelo was born, bringing together dealers with proven experience in the regions of Italy under our jurisdiction to be able to offer a widespread customer assistance service.

Our strong point has always been the commitment and passion we put into every activity, the desire to improve ourselves and pursue new, increasingly ambitious goals.

Our activities are always expanding: we are resellers of accessories, canopies or electronic components, for example, and we take care of maintenance work on private boats.

... And what about the future?

Smart Boat Owner

Smart Boat Owner is an ambitious project in which we strongly believe and which we think will be a widespread purchasing formula in the future and intended for a large audience of shipowners. In short, it involves purchasing a boat or catamaran shared with other owners, thus dividing the purchase/investment costs, with the possibility of using the boat for certain periods of the year, and up to a maximum of 8 weeks, based on a calendar that is defined from year to year.

Having divided the purchase costs and the management costs, our role will not only be that of sellers but also that of organizing all the activities linked to the daily “management” of the vessel, of all the bureaucratic tasks, maintenance, relations with the port, all clearly and with maximum transparency with the advance definition of a spending budget.

A big bet in which we believe a lot.

Boat sharing with Med Boat

A concept born some time ago but only established itself in recent years. The Boat Sharing service guarantees sharing of the boat between a maximum of 8 fixed people for one year. Exclusive use of the boat by alternating and planning trips with other members, no one else.

Med Boat Sharing guarantees at least 6 weeks of navigation over the course of the year to be used by taking daily or multi-day trips together. Reservations are easily made independently with an online calendar up to 24 hours before departure.

About us

Charter always at the top, with boats equipped with every comfort and accessory, maintained in excellent condition when not new. High-quality service and expertise, capable of carrying out all work and always honest in their pricing. A GREAT team that has been working well for many years. Charter, Jeanneau Dealer, Service, Used - if you rely on them, you won't go wrong.
Perfect and new Barca, spotlessly clean. Memorable experience to be repeated as soon as possible. Having limited time available, having no surprises is priceless! Highly recommended.
Perfect boat. Sailing between Elba, Capraia and Capo Corso on a highly performant boat. We safely and comfortably raced at 8-8.8 knots. We recommend this charter for their competence, professionalism and courtesy. Their boats are always in top condition, clean and perfectly maintained.
Courtesy and professionalism at the top. Always available for anything I needed. Highly recommend.
Special people, impeccable service... beautiful and excellently maintained boats.
Wonderful holiday, thanks to the professionalism, courtesy, organization, punctuality and impeccable condition of the boats! I highly recommend it to anyone who decides to treat themselves to an unforgettable experience.