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Your boat, without buying it, to sail without worries

43° Parallelo and MedBoat Sharing offer a valid alternative to charter and purchase.

Boat Sharing is a new way of owning a boat without buying it, it is an excellent alternative, more flexible and less expensive, to the classic Charter.

Boat Sharing in fact allows you to fully enjoy the exclusive advantage of a boat, sharing it with a small number of people and having the guarantee of 6 weeks of use per year. An excellent way to not think about the boat management costs.


How Boat Sharing works

You have the opportunity to use one of the boats in one of our bases for a whole year, without the burden of purchasing or the stress of chartering. You will have everything included in a single fixed annual fee and the boat will always be at your disposal.

Our Boat Sharing service guarantees the sharing of the boat between a maximum of 8 people, always the same for a year. You will have exclusive use of the boat alternating and planning trips with the other members, no one else.

MedBoat Sharing guarantees you at least 6 weeks of navigation during the year, 42 days to use in a year, which you can book through our online calendar, taking day trips or multiple days together.

You can book them at any time and cancel them up to 24 hours before departure. Furthermore, if the boat is free and you book within 48 hours in advance, the days booked in last minute will not deduct those guaranteed in your package, but will be additional and free. Check-in and check-out operations will be autonomous and automated through our booking program.

Benefits of Boat Sharing

If you are not an expert navigator, one of our instructors will support you until you feel ready to set sail on your own.

The users are known and certified: we personally know all those who take a share and, like you, the others also care that their boat is always in perfect condition.

With the MedBoat Sharing formula you can only think about navigating without worrying about maintenance or management costs. You will not have any additional costs, the fee covers all management costs.

MedBoat Sharing takes care of everything: mooring in port, insurance, dry dock, maintenance, repairs and thorough cleaning. You can only think about surfing and having fun.

The MedBoat Sharing formula is an excellent solution both for expert sailors and for beginners and new drivers who want to learn and gain sailing experience before making much more expensive choices.

You have a whole year at your disposal to discover and appreciate this new way of “owning” a boat. After one year you are free to renew, change boats, change ports or dedicate yourself to other hobbies.

43° Parallelo and MedBoat Sharing,
trusted partner for all your sea adventures.

For any information on how Boat Sharing works, contact us: we will answer all your questions!