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Technical Features

All the features of a great boat

Excess 11 is the only catamaran of this size produced on a large scale on the market. It is one of the smallest cruising catamarans (37 feet) capable of offering a lot of comfort and space, not to mention the thrill of sailing.

The Excess 11 is a boat capable of long voyages, designed for comfortable life on board.

Experience teaches

The Excess 11 has benefited from the experience of its predecessors, without sacrificing all the comfort details necessary for a pleasant cruise.

Add to this a volume worthy of a larger boat, both in the dinette and in the cabins, with for example a 2 x 2 meter bed in the master cabin and bathrooms with separate showers! On deck, < strong>offers the comfort and conviviality of a large open cockpit and two helm stations at the stern,offering both wonderful sailing sensations and direct contact with the rest of the crew.

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