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JEANNEAU - Sailboats for sale

As official dealer and test center in the splendid Tuscany, Sardinia and Liguria Levante, 43° Parallelo is pleased to welcome you into the world of sailing Jeanneau.

Jeanneau represents excellence in the sailing vessel sector, offering innovative designs, reliable performance and superior comfort at sea. As an authorized test center we are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to test and discover the vast range of Jeanneau sailing boats in real sailing conditions in the enchanting waters of Tuscany.

We are here to guide you through the experience of purchasing your next Jeanneau sailboat, offering you personalized and professional service at every stage of the process. Explore our selection of sailing boats and be inspired by the beauty and performance of these extraordinary vessels.

Whether you are an experienced sailor or a new sailor eager for adventure, the 43° Parallelo team is ready to help you find the perfect Jeanneau sailboat to meet your sailing needs and desires.

Sun Odyssey
Sun Fast
Jeanneau Yachts
Sun Odyssey

A further step forward towards the pleasure of navigation

Sun Odyssey 350
Sun Odyssey

Navigation between high performance and comfort: a concentration of ingenuity

Sun Odyssey 380
Sun Fast

An uncompromising racing sailboat programmed to win

Sun Fast 3300

43° Parallelo: your trusted partner for all your adventures at sea.

Jeanneau designs boats that adapt to all ways of loving the sea.

High-performance boats, with unrivaled seaworthiness, elegant lines and timeless style.
Boats to experience, in which the fittings and comfort have been ingeniously designed down to the smallest detail for your experiences at sea, to live and share moments of pure joy in complete serenity.