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Technical Features

Another step forward for the pleasure of sailing

Heir to the Sun Odyssey 349, the great success of the range, this cruising sailboat, easy to use and capable of high performance, offers ingenious innovations for greater crew comfort and the pleasure of sailing.

Innovative hull and cockpit

Equipped with a new hull, the Sun Odyssey 350 stands out for its elegant and modern lines. The brione out of the water facilitates maneuvers in port and tacks in light winds. High-performance and flexible at the helm, it also stands out from its predecessor for the innovations that improve life in the cockpit. The inclined gangways make movement and maneuvering easier. Thanks to these ingenious expedients, there are no obstacles that impede circulation on board. The helmsman will benefit from greater comfort and better visibility towards the bow thanks to the more decentralized rudder wheels.

Comfortable atmosphere on board

During beautiful family cruises, the saloon of the boat, with a modern and contemporary design, will welcome the crew. The interiors are very bright thanks to the large windows on the hull and roof. In the evening the indirect light makes the atmosphere on board serene and warm. With a height below deck of over 1.85 meters everywhere, the saloon and cabins offer a pleasant feeling of space. With the Sun Odyssey 350, lovers of the sea and splashing water will enjoy experiences of well-being and serenity.

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