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Technical Features

Cruising performance and comfort: A concentration of ingenuity

Simple to handle, whether at port or under way, out for a quick sail on a sunny day or sailing around the world… aboard the Sun Odyssey 380, life is easy, with multiple clever innovations and advantages that make all the difference.

Fluid, high-performance cruising

Wherever you look aboard the Sun Odyssey 380, down to the smallest detail, you find a combination of high performance, flow of movement and comfort on board. The inverted bow increases efficiency downwind, responsiveness at the helm, and ease of handling at port. Recessed sidedecks and twin steering wheels provide secure movement about the deck while improving visibility at the helm. The lowered boom facilitates sail access and augments the sail area without weighing down the boat. The lifting keel enables you to dry out on the sides, using removable poles, without impacting performance.

Unequalled comfort of life on board

The bright, airy, interior space reveals a clean, contemporary aesthetic for a calm, comfortable atmosphere. Ingenuity and attention to detail are equally evident: a rectangular berth in the forward cabin, a daybed on the keel box for greater comfort while sailing on more agitated waters, and the possibility of having three spacious cabins or two, with two separate showers and a storage locker. With the Sun Odyssey 380, fluidity and serenity characterise life on board as much as cruising.

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