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The most up-to-date and easy solution
to enjoy your dream boat

What is Smart Boat Owner

Smart Boat Owner is an innovative boat sharing program lasting 6 years.

It consists of the purchase of a sailing boat or catamaran shared with 5 other owners, thus dividing the purchase and maintenance costs, with the possibility of using the vessel for certain periods per year, up to 8 weeks, based on a calendar defined from year to year.

Smart Boat Owner was conceived precisely to effectively respond to the needs of both those who want to purchase a boat without incurring heavy financial commitments and burdensome bureaucratic procedures, and those who already have one and are aware of the costs and problems that it leads.

At the end of 6 years the boat is sold and it is thus possible to recoup part of the initial investment or sign a new contract for a new boat.

Share purchase example

For example, with a budget of €66,000, you can become a shareholder of a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 and use it for 8 weeks a year by paying only €4,700 total annual expenses.

At the end of the 6-year contractual period the boat will be sold and you will be able to collect around €46,000, or become a member of a new boat.

With Smart Boat Owner you spend approximately the equivalent of the cost of renting a boat for 2 weeks in high season, but you can use it for 8 weeks and it will always be kept in optimal conditions, unthinkable for a charter boat.

The commitment of 43° Parallelo

Strengthened by 30 years of charter and collaboration with foreign operators who have been working in this sector for many years, we will soon be able to count on the possibility of exchanging weeks of use with identical or similar boats in the most fascinating locations in the Mediterranean.

Their strengths are a precise and efficient method, an effective operating system, compliant with European standards and regulations.


Purchase, maintenance and management costs are shared between 6 owners (defined as "partners" or "members"): each legally becomes owner of 1/6 of the boat. During the contractual period, which lasts 6 years, any partner can exit the system by selling his shares. At the end of the contract, members can choose whether to continue, sell the boat or buy another one.

At the beginning of the year, an online meeting is organized where the annual expenses and the list of any additional materials that will be purchased with everyone's agreement are presented. Specific lists (necessary or improvement) have been prepared to establish whether any changes or purchases require unanimity or only a majority.

At a separate cost it is possible to book extras, such as on-board food, SUP and more.

Before and after each trip, the boat is cleaned, towels, bed linen and kitchen equipment are laid out. The boat is delivered and collected with full tanks.

With a pre-established cost, "Smart Boat Owner" takes care of everything: maintenance of the boat, management of shared use, all bureaucratic procedures, mooring, insurance and all problems that may arise.

The periods of use are defined in advance, members will participate in the weekly selections via the app based on the order in which the contract is signed: in each round a week is chosen. For the allocation system to be fair, in the first year the first partner will choose his week first, in the second year the second and so on. Anyone who wishes to choose 2 consecutive weeks skips a round, and in the next round is entitled to choose 2 weeks.

Shared boats are in use for 11 months of the year. Since one month (4 weeks) is reserved for maintenance during the winter season, the weeks of use in a year are 48.

All partners can use the boat for 8 weeks. The system, managed via website and app, allows all owners to always be aware of every detail and was designed to avoid any contact and discussion between partners.



All our boats are for private use; therefore, it is illegal to use them for commercial activities. It is however possible to allow your partner’s closest friends and family to use the boat when the latter is not present. Each partner, until January 15th, can register up to 2 different people who will be able to use the boat in his place (the responsibilities will be borne by the partner). If the member has not introduced these people into the system by January 15th, no one else will be able to use the boat.

Yes, any partner can leave the partnership at any time. The decision to sell shares must first be notified to existing shareholders. If among the members there is no bidder for the shares put up for sale, those who leave can sell their shares to third parties or receive the support of Smart Boat Owner. The new partner is included in the “Partnership Agreement” with an “Additional Protocol”.

At the time of boarding, the member who has to leave checks the fully prepared boat via the check-list (on the app) and signs it. During the check-out, the Smart Boat Owner team checks the boat with the partner, who has issued a signed document certifying that the boat has been checked in all its parts. Smart Boat Owner always delivers the boat complete and in seaworthy condition. Malfunctions, deficiencies, damages and losses resulting from use are the responsibility of the person who used the boat.

According to the contract stipulated at the time of purchase, the boat is expected to be sold at the end of the sixth year, this is to ensure members can sell their boat at a high value, without increasing maintenance and repair costs. In this way we aim to offer an optimal advantage to partners who wish to replace their boat with a newer and/or larger model.

The boat and all its equipment and amenities are for common use. Kitchen equipment and textile products are provided and you will find them ready on your boat. Upon your return you will need to remove all personal effects from the boat. We can store your personal items for you in special containers and board them before your arrival.

Shares for sale of Smart Boat Owner

Excess 11
Sun Odyssey 350
Sun Odyssey 410
Sun Odyssey 440

43° Parallelo: your trusted partner for all your sea adventures.

In addition to becoming co-owners of a shared boat, we offer various options to make your dream come true: explore Boat Sharing for shared rental for 1 year or the purchase of a new or used boat.

Contact us now to find the solution that best suits your navigation needs!